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It's all in the process - scroll below to see how our unique design process ensures a beautiful website experience that is truly your own


discovery call with kayla

Once you reach out, we'll promptly arrange a personalized Zoom discovery call with our founder, Kayla, at a time that suits you best.

In this conversation, we'll dive into your story, aspirations, and challenges in your photography journey. It's a chance for us to understand you better, explore your goals, and see how we can best support you. Kayla will guide you through our services and process, providing an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have!


make it official

Following the discovery call, Kayla will share our comprehensive service selection guide with you. Here, you can pick your brand designer, select your website service, and explore exciting add-ons like blog content creation or email lead generation funnel design and setup.

To secure your dedicated project timeline, a 10% retainer fee and a signed contract for services are required.  Let's make your vision official! 


Deep dive

Hooray, you are officially booked and now the fun begins! Promptly after your signed contract, our virtual assistant and project manager, Sarah, will be reaching out to you and sending our tried and true BRAND DEVELOPMENT GUIDE! 

This guide goes through several questionnaires, helping you walk through your desired visual aesthetics, mission and vision, dream client demographics and psychographics and finally your brand voice! All are extremely important for diving deep into the purpose and mission of your brand! 



Time to dive into the nitty-gritty! We've got two strategy calls coming your way to kickstart our project:

First up is the Branding Kick Off call. Kayla will lay out the game plan, covering your vision, mission, dream client, and what sets you apart. Then, she'll whip up a moodboard based on your work and BDG info. Gotta make sure we're seeing eye to eye before we jump into the design trenches!

On the Website Strategy Call, Kayla will walk you through your custom Trello board and break down each page's content. It's all about crafting a solid game plan, so get ready to bring your A-game on the content front! 


brand suite delivery

Get ready for a fully customized design suite in just 2-3 weeks!  This includes a main logo, alternate logos, sub-marks, pattern design, illustrative elements, signature, color palette, and typography—all in full color and black and white!

We'll present it all in a brand suite document, showcasing how each element works together. Plus, you'll get a Loom video with your designer explaining the vision behind each design. After your feedback, we'll make edits in the following week. Let's make your brand stand out!


UX Design & wireframes

Here's what gets my passion firing up in our process—it's the strategic core! Elly, our SEO strategist and copywriter, dives into your Brand Development Guide (BDG), conducting keyword research tailored to your location and niche.

Once she's got the optimal keywords, Elly rolls up her sleeves and crafts wireframes. These are essential tools that shape your website's content and layout, free from the distractions of visuals like color and photography.

Why this approach? Because we believe in a strong and powerful message. To achieve that, we let the copy lead the way in visual design—not the other way around.


Showit design

Once your branding gets the green light from you, it's Showit time! Our fantastic Showit designers take Elly's wireframes and bring them to life, seamlessly blending your new branding with your stunning photography.

Each page undergoes a careful review from Kayla before reaching you. Once she gives the nod, the page, along with a Loom video detailing our design thoughts, is all yours to review and send feedback!

Why the page-by-page review? Simple—it ensures your website truly reflects YOU. We're all ears for your ideas and suggestions, fostering a collaborative spirit that elevates the design. Many minds, great design—that's our motto! 


Final strategy call

As we approach the final stages of your website design, it's time to schedule your last strategy call with Kayla. In this meeting, she'll guide you through the exciting details of your upcoming launch. Get ready for a collaborative planning session where you'll pick and plan for the big launch day!

But wait, there's more! It's not just about choosing a launch day; together, you'll also craft a game plan for your launch week celebration on social media. That's right—we'll create a week's worth of Instagram graphics, including stories and post graphics, to help you shout out your new brand and website!


launch week celebration

Cheers to your fabulous website and brand making waves in the world, working as a powerhouse tool for your business! Now, it's time to create a buzz on social media and revel in the success we achieved TOGETHER.

We'll deliver all the social media graphics we discussed in our final strategy call the week before the launch, ensuring you're just as thrilled about your visuals as we are (and giving you time to plan your feed).

During launch week, soak in the fun and show some love to your supporters who've helped your business thrive. We absolutely adore it when our clients throw giveaways—it's a fantastic way to celebrate, build excitement, and give back to your amazing community!


continued partnership

At Something Blue Design Co, our clients aren't just clients; they're lifelong partners. Think of us as your dedicated design team, always here to support you!

After your website launch, Sarah will send over your offboarding guide. It includes a comprehensive video by Elly, breaking down the SEO work done on your site for optimal keyword performance. Plus, you'll find Showit tutorials, guiding you on updating your new site with photos and galleries.
But that's not all! We've got your back with an SEO blog guide, a handy tool for your future blog writing endeavors.

Our goal is to set you up for success and ensure you feel confident using your new brand and website. And because we understand that websites evolve with your business, we offer design days for past clients to book whenever they need a boost in their online presence! 

Featured Brands and Websites

CLICK & browse through some of our favorite designs and start day dreaming about your future website!

kaitlin grace photography

savannah michelle photography

brooke elliott photography

Laurel lane boutique wedding photography

lyn waldrop photography

known photo

ft. lauderdale, flORIDA

radiant wedding photography that is fun and full of sunshine & laughter

"I don’t even know where to begin…Kayla is a design genius and the easiest, sweetest person to work with! she helped to develop and create a brand and website that embodies me as a business owner and target my ideal client!

 She took all of my feedback and ideas and meshed it with her own creativity to create an absolutely STUNNING and user friendly site!"


previous project

next project

Savannah Michelle Photography

"I could not have asked for a better experience than the one I had with Kayla! Her intricate attention to the delicate details was the missing piece I had been searching for.

i don't think there's anyone else who could have taken what i my envisioned for my brand and created something as perfect as kayla did. in this industry, having something personal and unique is so important in order to stand out."

 - jessica from laurel lane photography

previous project

next project

virginia, the carolinas & worldwide


Laurel Lane Boutique Wedding Photography

"Kayla and her team are 1000/10 ! She truly became a friend during the designing process because she makes it more than just a job. 

I have already recommended Kayla to multiple friends of mine, and I don't ever plan to stop :)

- Brooke

previous project

nashville, tennessee


Brooke Elliott Photography

"I earned back my website investment just one week after launch!!! I'm super thankful for Kayla and everything she did for me and my business through this website design!!"

- Britney

lubbock, texas


Known Photography

"Kayla is amazing at what she does and I can't thank her enough for the hard work and dedication she put in to making my rebrand come to life!!"

- Kaitlin

previous project

central virginia and worldwide

Bespoke fine art portraiture capturing heirloom moments

Kaitlin Grace Photography

"My whole experience with Kayla and her team was nothing short of amazing! They really showed their expertise with working specifically with photographers.

One thing I love about Kayla and her team is that they listened to all my requests, but also gave me some recommendations and suggestions that they believe would be much more beneficial for my business.

- lyn

previous project

central virginia


Lyn Waldrop Photography

"After my experience with Kayla, my business has consistently scaled and I have been serving my ideal clients since.

If you're looking for a graphic designer, stop here, your search is over! I was struggling to get consistent bookings before I immersed myself into this venture with Kayla, but no anymore. She took my very detailed and elaborate vision and created the logo, website, and overall branding of my business that I never knew I needed.

 Kayla takes the time to break down the steps for you and helps you identify the proper tools to ensure you are reaching the client's you've always wanted! I truly am so thankful I found Kayla because without her and her talents, my business wouldn't be where it is today!

- evan lane photography


Crafting a Future of Luxury and Success for Your Wedding Photography Business

At Something Blue Design Co. , we understand that your wedding photography business is as unique as your creative vision. Our commitment to crafting exceptional online experiences means that each investment is bespoke, reflecting the distinct needs and goals of every client.

While each investment is custom, our clients typically find their sweet spot in the range of $4,500 to $6,000 for our comprehensive brand and website design.


if this sounds like you then the answer is-yes!

You need to outsource because you are just so dang busy!!

Wondering if we are the designers for you?


You value your family time and want to book less weddings a year while also increasing your income


You know how you want your clients to feel, but struggle when it comes to what to write on your website


you have found success in your business and desire to book high end weddings. You just need a little help getting to that next step


you care about your client experience - you want to go beyond beautiful imagery by making your clients feel loved and seen


you are a lover of details and artistry! a gorgeous flat lay is the way to your heart!

Level up your website with stunning brand photos!

snag our complimentary brand shoot guide

 Dive into our strategic guide for a burst of shot ideas that'll elevate your branding game on your website and social media. Feel confident that you've maximized your branding session, leaving your web designer over the moon. 😉

"Since my website launch by Kayla I've been booking dream clients consistently and able to quit my 9-5 job! I booked 20k in weddings in a single month just a few months after launching!" 

- carmen williams photography

let's uncover your something blue and break through the saturated industry noise.